Case Studies

Case Studies

A roof can leak from one exposed nail. If all nails are not driven in properly or the correct nails not used, then these nails can pop through the shingles,rust & cause...
It is very important to remove all of the old roofing materials before installing a new roof. Back in the days, it was common practice to install a second lay-over on top...
Never use Smart Side on any project unless you plan on painting frequently or it is for short term. This is an engineered pressed board & it wicks water.
   We get a lot of calls about roof leaks. I'm sure most roofing comapnies do! It is the nature of this business. The thing about roofing, is that one small overlooked...
We sometimes get calls about birds, squirrels or raccoons in peoples attics. They usually enter into the attic from under the last shingle into the gutter, soffits, or aluminum...
 Leaks arising where a wall meets shingles. This is one common reason why a roof leaks at a wall. This is typically the result of a "Storm Chaser" type of company or...
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